Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at Shellharbour City Dental

Teeth whitening is an essential segment of the process of dental care. At the family dentist Shellharbour City Dental we work tirelessly to provide the best possible arrangement for your teeth. Teeth whitening Shellharbour is a popular choice among other dental care.

Teeth Whitening Process:

The process helps to nourish your smile and helps in making your face look vibrant. Apart from that, it also makes you look significantly young. The procedure for Teeth whitening is also straightforward. Before you decide to get it done, we recommend you to book an appointment with us. This helps us in understanding whether your teeth are suitable for whitening.


Some people do not have teeth that are suitable for whitening. If whitening is performed, there can be structural damage to the whole dental setup in your mouth. After finding your teeth suitable for whitening, we recommend a cleaning procedure by a professional. This ensures that whatever substance is there on your teeth goes through a preliminary screening process. In that way, the whitening process becomes more active.

Teeth Whitening Options

There are two ways of teeth whitening at Shellharbour that we offer.


The in-office teeth whitening Shellharbour process is one that calls for an hour-long session. In that case, your gums are first attached to a protector. This is done to ensure that the whitening gel does not come in contact with your gum.
After this, the whitening gel is applied on your teeth for about three or four times. The process ends with the application of the gel. Those who have essential functions or weddings to attend usually opt for the in-office procedure. It does not take much time, and your teeth have a white new shine at a very affordable price.


For those whom it is difficult to make to the in-office procedure, a take-home teeth whitening Shellharbour kit is also available. But that requires customized gum protection set to be built first. These gum protectors are constructed into mouth trays.
The mouth trays are based on a previously taken impression of your teeth. The mouth tray is essential in two ways. Firstly it prevents the whitening gel from coming in contact with the saliva. And secondly, it allows you to provide the additional touchups yourself as per your needs.
The whitening gel usually tends to become ineffective when it comes in contact with your saliva. The take-home kit is pragmatically built to suit those who cannot make it to the family dentist Shellharbour. The whitening gel and mouth tray consists of superior quality substance and is affordable at the same time.

Teeth Whitening Shellharbour

At Shellharbour City Dental, we take our jobs very seriously. That means, even if teeth whitening sounds to be a simple process, we do not take it very lightly. Teeth whitening at Shellharbour ensures a perfectly bright smile and cleans your teeth with harmful substances.
This makes it an all entailing process. With most people today concerned with perfection, teeth whitening is no longer a singular trend. It has instead become a universal necessity. Therefore, all you need is your family dentist at Shellharbour to get the job done.